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Comment If the body is given too many "acid blockers" by the diet, it is forced to remove the basic minerals needed for the balance from the tissue. This intensive erosion of mineral deposits in the body gradually leads to demineralization and pronounced mineral deficiency seborrheic dermatitis scalp shampoo. This condition can weaken the entire ordered system of regulation of the organs and greatly reduce important enzymatic cell functions. Under these conditions, in addition to various other symptoms, an acid-base shift of the small intestine and thus resorption disorders and, in the case of disposition, very quickly lead to the onset of psoriasis.

Bowel Dysfunction

If the body environment becomes too acidic, the small intestine can only reduce its digestive functions. The digestion and decomposition of fat, carbohydrates and protein is incomplete, so that the unsaturated acids (predominantly phosphorus, sulfuric and uric acid from the protein digestion) are absorbed by the blood. For the blood, however, maintaining the own pH (7/4) has absolute priority. To maintain this value, the blood carries the free, unsaturated acids into the tissue.

If these stored acids are not dissolved fast enough and excreted via the kidneys, concentrated and aggressive tissue and skin irritations such as rheumatic complaints or psoriatic skin infections occur. In order to accelerate the detoxification process, the organism increasingly uses the skin as an excretory organ best treatment for seborrheic dermatitis on face. The partial aggressive and irritating acid substances lead to severe itching, moist or dry eczema, inflammatory redness and irritation in the skin. On this basis, a chronic psoriasis can develop which must ultimately be evaluated as an evasive and relief reaction of the body, especially the intestine.

Acid regulation by diet

In order to be able to counteract the acidity of the body by means of an adequate diet, a distinction must be made between individual foods (see table). Acid-forming foods contain no or only the smallest amounts of their own acid. Only in the course of the digestion process and their processing within the cells do they produce metabolic acidic substances. Therefore, it is important to recognize acid-forming food clearly.

Acidic foods, on the other hand, contain fundamentally different amounts of acid, which can influence the overall pH of the body very strongly. It is important that the body is regularly supplied with sufficient amounts of base-forming food. Since the excretion of excess metabolic acids occurs via the kidneys and the skin, the regular use of dehydration and detoxification teas is highly recommended. Food intolerance

At present, it is always safer that food allergies have a particularly high proportion in the cause of psoriasis. More and more people of all ages are suffering from food intolerances seborrheic dermatitis cure permanent. The body is often no longer able to adapt to denatured and chemically displaced food, and many people with metabolic (fumaric acid) and skin disorders are reacting to the massive burden of industrialized foods.
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