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FirstName Happy birthday
LastName Mom

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Comment Happy birthday images There is this saying "people are for sale." - but is that really so? Many companies offer their employees financial incentives and use remuneration systems. The consequences are fatal: their own motivation is destroyed, interest and performance are reduced. This is psychologically proven.

Happy birthday images If an action appears reasonable to a person, he leads them out. If he finds them unreasonable, he leaves them. Very simple principle. The motivation to do something comes from the inside. If somebody "enters" from above into this system by trying to direct an action in a certain direction by financial reward, he puts the inner motivation out of power. "Do this and you'll get that." Reward, punish, and bribe higher forces, i.e., the formerly logical-natural consequences of an action are manipulated pedagogically-arbitrarily.

Happy birthday images Financial reward systems are therefore foreign bodies in a given system. They create an unfamiliar advantage which I get through my actions. Thus, action is controlled and controlled and thus becomes an unnatural behavior. When people behave in a controlled way unnaturally, they tend to be dissatisfied. We lose the interest in what we do Click here, although it may seem reasonable to us: "When I work particularly well, my wallet becomes harder." Actually, it should read: "When I work particularly well, my boss and my clients are with us satisfied with my work. If they are satisfied, I am also.

Happy birthday images Loan systems replace the real meaning of our actions and demand that we abandon our naturally directed thinking system. So we do not decide more rationally and objectively, but rather value-oriented and ultimately have nothing to be proud of. That is why we have no long-term interest in it. It is not useful to pay for something because you do something you do not seem to want.

Bring your employees success with their achievable goals. If your employee reaches the given goal, he / she recognizes the success of his / her actions. If you give him praise, this recognition gives meaning to his actions. Most people do not love success in themselves. They love it when their success is noticed. Happy birthday images

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